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Bora Bora Attractions & Unique Activities

lagoonariumThere are certain attractions and activities on Bora Bora Island that seem to merit a special listing, in addition to other categories we might have thought of on other pages. These are unique only to Bora Bora, and no where else in the world.


Definately unique to Bora bora and a favorite of many travelers, the Bora exotic LAGOONARIUM is attraction with no equal anywhere in the world…

There IS another on Tahiti, but you can’t get in the water with the creatures, so it’s really not the same thing…

At the Bora bora LAGOONARIUM, you will not only see, but actually INTERACT with the amazing creatures of the Bora bora lagoon as you swim alongside them with an experienced underwater guide.

All the creatures you’ve seen pictures of and heard about are here: Turtles, dolphins, sharks and rays, tropical fishes in incredible numbers and more…

A visit to the LAGOONARIUM is also more than just enjoying the marine life of the amazing LAGOONARIUM: There are a number of daily activities on the list.

Experience SHARK AND RAY FEEDING EXHIBITIONS, circle island tours, picnics on a private motu, snorkeling at the Coral Gardens and more!


AquascopeThe island of Bora Bora has many unique features and it can be said quite confidently that the one and only AQUASCOPE fits right in! This unique watercraft was designed by a close friend and working colleage of the famous Jacques Cousteau and has been a fixture of the island waters now for over 15 years!

A recent group of touring customers described their AQUASCOPE experience like this: “It was like being in a “reverse aquarium”- where we were the occupants of a small and unique world that was not part of theirs. As we gazed out into the thick schools of fish, we couldn’t help but to think they were feeling sorry for us that we had to breathe air and that we couldn’t swim around freely in the lagoon as they were!”.


You don’t have to be a certified diver or even know how to swim to enjoy the underwater beauty of the Bora Bora lagoon.

The Aqua Safari allows you to view the beautiful coral and tropical fish without dive tanks, snorkel, weight belts or mask! The helmet aqua safari provides a safe, easy, non-compression diving experience.

Wearing an enlarged, comfortable helmet, air is delivered to you directly from the boat. A certified diving instructor accompanies you at all times. Whether you are 8 or 80 years old, this is an experience you won’t want to miss!

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